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Give Your Business a Boost
with an E-Commerce Solution Adapted to Your Needs

Advanced technology combined with powerful functionalities: Oxatis Open Enterprise is the right answer for your specific needs, allowing you to effectively manage expenses and respect deadlines.

Updated on a regular basis and open to developers and Oxatis Global Partners, the Oxatis Open Enterprise platform ensures optimal performance and integration in a constantly changing environment: New market players, payment solutions, business management/accounting software, logistics, marketing, etc.

Oxatis takes a strategic position that is radically different that of freeware providers. As the leading software publisher in Europe, Oxatis is able to ensure the development, publication and stability of a platform providing the complete and high-performance services that web professionals have been waiting for.

Oxatis certified partners can provide their customers with significant guarantees for the progression of their E-Commerce site, free them from version and migration restraints, form a solid partnership with Oxatis for managing powerful and reliable sites that are adapted to customer needs.

By means of a certified reseller network, companies with 10 to 100 employees have access to the best E-Commerce solution for their business: Oxatis Open Enterprise.


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