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With Oxatis Open Enterprise, All the Keys to Success are in Your Hands!
4 good reasons to put your trust in Europe's leading online, hosted E-Commerce software provider!

The Oxatis philosophy in terms of providing online services can be summed up in 4 key points. This philosphy takes the dilemma of every company manager that has to make sales and technological decisions into account: Who to trust?

Oxatis, E-Commerce software publisher, along with the help of its certified network, is able to provide guarantees in terms of stability and commitment.
Project Supervision
You remain in total control of the development of your site and its use with a system that is highly adapted to your needs.
You can continually monitor the progress of your site with your consultant, VAR or web agency (Global Parnter: Oxatis certified).
Whatever happens, you will remain independent and well informed, allowing you to make the right decisions and take any necessary actions.

Quality Solution with Oxatis
Integrating online E-Commerce software, content management system, reliable hosting and 2nd level technical support, the Oxatis Open Enterprise solution offers a wide range of functionalities that are updated on a monthly basis by an internal development team with over 10 years of experience in the E-Commerce sector.
High quality, redundant and secure hosting guarantees optimal continuity of service and is monitored by an independent company. Technical support is doubled, the first level provided by the reseller network, the second provided by Oxatis.

Cost Management
A quality solution, carefully managed projects, professional customer support and monitoring: Everything is reunited to help you build your E-Commerce site and make it profitable as quickly as possible under optimal economic conditions.
Oxatis Open Enterprise is an affordable solution. Directly, it provides financial advantages. Indirectly, using a standard, widespread solution allow you to implement specific procedures and allows you to be more efficient.

Project Management
The triangular relationship between you, the Global Partner (Oxatis certified) and the software publisher is the basis for successful projects. The Global Partner has been given a precise role: Complete Oxatis' mission.
The Global Partner's objective is to help you rapidly, efficiently and profitably. Their role is vital for the key stages of your project and its unique nature and consists of:

 - Analyzing needs
 - Defining project requirements
 - Drafting mock-ups
 - Defining and committing to financial terms
 - Project execution and monitoring...


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