Tel: 020 3318 1925

Monthly Subscription Fee: 200 Per Site

One License Per Site Including:
  • 5 users, one of which being the global administrator

  • 5 email addresses attached to your domain name (POP3 and WebMail)

  • 1 domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info) + annual renewal (connection or transfer of your current domain name offered)

  • 1 set-up of payment solution with your Internet Merchant Account

Volume and Traffic Allowances:
  • Products, Partners, Ads, Customers: 3,000

  • Disk Space (MB): 150

  • Traffic (viewed pages/month): 300,000
Volume Allowances and Additional Pricing
  • Large catalogs with more than 3,000 products, 10 per 1,000 additional products
    The subscription includes 3,000 products: Each opened block of 1,000 products is billed at 10/month and gives you the right to 50 MB of additional storage space. Reciprocally, each opened block of 50 MB gives you the right to 1,000 extra products.

  • Large customer files with more than 3,000 customers, 10 per 1,000 additional customers
    The subscription includes 3,000 customers, Each opened block of 1,000 customers is billed at 10/month. You can send a newsletter to each customer every month.

  • More than 3,000 newsletters, 1 per 100 additional newsletters
    The subscription includes 3,000 newsletters: After reaching this allowance, newsletters are billed at 1 per block of 100 additional newsletters.

  • Site traffic over 300,000 viewed pages/month, 10 per 20,000 additional viewed pages
    The subscription includes a traffic allowance of 300,000 viewed pages/month. Beyond this allowance, each opened block of 20,000 additional pages is billed at 10/month.

  • Additional email addresses
    2 per email address

  • Use of XML interfaces
    Product catalog transfer: 50 pages + 4 pages/product
    Order retrieval: 50 pages + 10 pages/order
    Campaign/affiliate tracking: 5 pages/visit


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